"Eric has creatively and resourcefully designed my company's lighting. He shows me again and again what a vital role lighting plays and what an amazing effect it has on the show, both technically and emotionally. He does all of this and more with enthusiasm and excellence. His attitude has always been very professional and his positive, cheerful personality and warm sense of humor make him such a joy to work with. I knew immediately that he would be an indispensable member of our theatre community."

Liza Monjauze

Liza Monjauze Productions

Founder and Director



"After Eric's time with us participating in the Student Advisory Committee I asked him back to be the lighting designer for Center Theatre Group's Educational and Community Partnerships Department's 40th Anniversary special event. I could not think of anybody else with the talent and professionalism to trust with this unique project. Using his great sense of creativity he transformed a huge warehouse space into a beautiful stunning warm atmosphere that our guests were able to enjoy."

Patricia Garza

Senior Manager
Educational and Community Partnerships
Center Theatre Group 

Lighting Design for Theatre • Dance • Concerts • Special Events & Galas

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